Stronger Together - Women in Security Event, Shanghai

On Friday 26th April, ASIS Shanghai Chapter hosted their third Women in Security event in Shanghai, sponsored by ICD Security Solutions.


Held at the beautiful Kathleen’s Waitan, the event brought together over 40 female professionals working in various security roles in Shanghai. As a traditionally male-dominated industry, it was impressive to see so many women in attendance, all of whom hold security management and security operations roles for large, global companies.

Alan Liu, Chairman of the ASIS Shanghai Chapter, hosted this year’s event, bringing his views and experiences to the table, whilst also ensuring an element of humor and fun!

Let’s take a look at the afternoon event!

The “Soft Power” of Women in Security


Seasoned security professional, Helen Deng kicked off the afternoon’s presentations by sharing her views on the “soft power” of women in security. She summed up women’s three competitive advantages as affinity, meticulousness and intuition, and emphasized the soft skills that women have in the workplace which provide a unique “soft power”.

Dealing with Work & Life


Sisi Zeng and Vivian Xu took to the stage next to share their insights about the age-old challenge of work-life balance. They suggested taking a different approach to the issue by working towards ‘work life unity’ – work and life are not opposites, they complement each other. Through both work and life we can learn new skills, have fun and build a better life overall. Vivian encouraged everyone to ‘just do it’, prioritize and do the right thing at the right time for you.

Career Development for Women in Security


Heidi Ran, GM, Greater China at ICD, tackled the topic of career development by sharing her own story over 20 years from an intern to her current position as a senior manager at ICD. Through her journey she gained many new experiences, took on several different roles and faced various professional and personal challenges along the way. With some tips about what helped her succeed, overall Heidi communicated a message of never stop learning, focus on doing your best in the present and always being persistent in your professional life.

After a coffee break and networking, Alan Liu invited guests Bella Zheng, Even Yang and Heidi Ran, to join him for a panel discussion. In this session the four speakers shared their backgrounds, experiences and advice for women working in security:


  • Bella urged the audience to constantly improve their abilities, mentality, and professionalism;
  • Even encouraged women to learn to put themselves first and be happy; 
  • Heidi concluded that women need to maintain self-esteem and self-respect.

Overall, it was lively and light-hearted event but also tackled important topics and was a great opportunity for women in security to join together, get to know each other and learn from each other. 


The views and advice shared left the audience with various inspiring thoughts and key takeaways. 

Women in security - stronger together - we can do it!