What does the future of the security industry hold?

Last week, ICD held a small industry focused event which gathered security professionals from four finance and accounting firms for an exclusive workshop in Songshan Lake Dongguan, South China.


The day kicked off with an exclusive visit Huawei’s large campus site in Songshan Lake Dongguan in the morning, before an afternoon workshop and sharing session at the Hyatt Regency to discuss the future development of the security industry.


Key points of discussion included:


  • Compliance to industry regulatory requirements, such as ISO 27001
  • A solution to safeguard access to electronic data and files, particularly for sensitive data such as personal information
  • The need of more efficient surveillance solutions to avoid traditional, labor-intensive monitoring methods 
  • How facial recognition technology should be applied to more scenarios, not just access control, and responsiveness should be improved 
  • The challenge ahead of AI security applications v.s. manpower operation in different business units in a company

ICD’s Solution Manager, Frank Ha, also shared some of our Advanced Solutions, including:


  • The applications and benefits of key management systems
  • Facial recognition access control systems 
  • Video quality analysis to detect and determine a variety of video surveillance technology issues, such as image discrepancies, camera out of focus, loss of signal, etc.
  • The pros and cons of various turnstiles and related anti-tailgating technologies 
  • The convenience and scalability of deploying a mobile verification solution 


As a security system integrator, we see the importance of creating a platform for sharing and learning together with our clients. This gives us the opportunity to listen to our clients' voices, to understand their requirements and to find the best solutions. By working together and building a better understanding of each other, we can help clients implement solutions that are intelligent, safe and secure. 

Work together to win together!

If you are interesting in finding out more about industry events hosted by ICD including what’s coming up in your region, feel free to reach out to us at marketing@icdsecurity.com.