Find Your Why - what inspires you?


Convergint Technologies recently held their annual sales and operations conference, Convergint InterNational, a huge event with over 700 colleagues from around the world as well as 65 technology partners. 


This year the theme was ‘Find Your Why – Inspiration’, stressing the importance of realizing why we as a company do what we do, and what motives and inspires you as an individual in your work.


On a company level it’s simple. We are committed to being our clients’ best service provider – our why is our clients, our colleagues and our community. At the end of the day we are dealing with people’s safety and security so it's important to us to provide our clients with the best services and solutions.


But what about our colleagues? What is their Why? We asked colleagues three simple questions, let’s see some of their responses:



What motivates you to come into work everyday?


“The people I work with – I love coming to work to work with my team”


“My team and my personal goals. There are many successful colleagues at ICD – why can’t I be next?!”


“Supporting our clients!”


“ICD’s culture: If I have any problems or questions, I can talk with my line manager any time openly and easily.”


“ICD’s values: what ICD is, that our focus on customer satisfaction and that we provide value in everything we do”



What about ICD/Convergint & your work makes you proud?


“Trust, recognition and support from leadership”


“Customer satisfaction!”


“That we help clients solve problems and that they are satisfied with the work we provide”



What inspires you on a daily basis?


“The colleagues and the clients I see everyday"


”My wife inspires me! As well as new technology and advanced solutions“


“The people, the platform and the opportunities the company provides”







What is your Why?



We encourage everyone to think about your Why and to ask yourself the above questions, no matter where you work or what you do. 





Check out some of the highlights from Convergint InterNational below: