ICD's Ricky Du Shares Insights on 2019 Security Trends


2019 – As we enter ICD’s 20th year providing security services in the Asia-Pacific, we speak to ICD’s Director of Strategic Accounts and Services, Ricky Du, to hear his insights about the security industry in the year ahead. 

What are the key security trends to look out for in 2019?

There are many trends we are seeing in the industry, from AI and deep learning, to edge computing, smart solutions, wearable security technology… even drones and anti-drone technology. Many of these new technologies can be seen as modules to add to an existing security system to provide increased security or enhanced operational efficiency and data utilization. 


However, without going into detail about specific solutions, I think there are three key areas which security professionals should focus on in 2019:

  • How security (and other) data can be used to improve security and operational efficiency;
  • The concept of converged platforms which enable end-users effectively manage multiple systems (such as security, BAS, IoT and facility management systems) on one platform for increased efficiency and integration of data from various sources;
  • The growth of PSaaS (Physical Security as a Service) whereby end-users outsource security to professionals, allowing them more time to focus on their core business.

What challenges do these trends bring to the end-user?

Increasing numbers of new solutions, different technology providers, as well as the sheer amount of security data collected by a business all make it very difficult for end-users to know what technologies to use and how best to apply them. End-users struggle to identify the most suitable solution for their business or a site’s unique challenges.


In addition, many of the industry’s new technologies bring with them new challenges and new threats. For example, the use of drones, data encryption, cyber security and AI to name but a few. Security managers need to be constantly learning, adapting and finding solutions to these challenges. 

How can ICD help?

Adopt the right solution

We address the unique challenges a client faces, drawing on our experience and expertise to identify the most suitable solution. We have dedicated teams to research new technologies and carry out critical testing to find loopholes and inefficiencies. This helps us ensure that only the best, most reliable new technologies on the market make it to our clients' sites.

However, we also recognize that cutting edge technology is not always the answer; sometimes a straightforward, traditional technique is the best solution in that case. Our Consulting Services can help clients design their security systems and standards, taking into account the application of new technologies, optimal system design and best practices.


Increase efficiency and RIO

At ICD we want go beyond the traditional scope of a service provider and be a real business partner to our clients. We take time to understand our clients’ business and operations so that we can suggest the most suitable solution, not only from a security standpoint, but also considering how technology can contribute towards the client’s core business.

We look to offer solutions which add value and offer measurable results by increasing efficiency and RIO. Many of the Advanced Solutions we provide do exactly this, offering new solutions in the form of modules to add into existing security systems.


Outsource security to professionals

By outsourcing security to ICD, clients free up internal resources and can focus on their core business. PSaaS leaves the important job of security management to trained professionals who can deal with day-to-day issue, analyze security data and provide customized reports. This not only increases the level of security in the business, but also promotes predictive, preventive security management

About Ricky Du

Ricky joined ICD in 2007, working as an Account Manager then Operations Manager assisting global companies implement security solutions across East China. He transferred to his current role as Director of Strategic Accounts & Services in 2017, where he leads ICD’s strategic accounts, customer service, embedded services, consulting and advanced solutions teams. Ricky continues to work closely with a number of large clients to help them implement security strategies and address complex security challenges at a regional level.