Smart Solutions for Improved Facility Management


On Nov 1st, IFMA (International Facility Management Association) Shanghai Chapter held their latest monthly event in cooperation with ICD Security Solutions with the theme Security Solutions for Facility Management. 


The event brought together 75 facility management professionals at Roof325, a rooftop restaurant in People's Square, and featured guest speakers from Fortune 500 companies who introduced solutions which have helped solve unique operational and security challenges.


The afternoon event was kicked off with opening words from IFMA Shanghai Chapter chairman, Shawn Qiu, who introduced the event’s topic. 


Next up, Ricky Du and Frank Ha from ICD’s service and solutions teams took to the stage to demonstrate how security technology can be leveraged to enhance facility management.  



The solutions introduced included:

  • Physical security as a service (PSaaS)
  • Workspace management solutions
  • A toilet occupancy solution
  • Solutions for improved, automated catering services
  • The application of thermal cameras to improve safety in specific sites



All of these solutions use (or are integrate with) security systems and technologies and can help companies decrease costs and dramatically improve operational efficiency.


Following this introduction to the event theme, ICD invited four guest speakers to share real cases where different solutions helped them to achieve specific goals.




A smart key management solution


The first guest speaker from a famous media and entertainment company introduced how they use Traka’s key management solution to manage over 800 keys across a range of departments and applications at their extensive theme park site. 


By using smart key cabinets which restrict access to keys to authorized personnel, the company has dramatically increased their site's security. Moreover, with the key management tools available and a range of reports and data at their fingertips, the company has seen improved overall key management.




Security integration for better security management


Drawing on his 10+years of experience in security, the second guest speaker discussed the differences and similarities between security management and facility management in terms of three main areas: safety, energy & cost efficiency, and comfort. 


He stressed how by integrating security systems with HR/facilities systems, companies can increase security and operational efficiency, and how effective data management can increase energy and cost efficiency




Cutting costs through data analysis


Next to share his case was a project manager from a leading global manufacturing company who told the audience about a unique solution that the company has deployed in Beijing to optimize their employee shuttle bus service.


By collecting and analyzing data from the card readers and GPS trackers installed on the company’s shuttle buses, they can access data, review reports and continuously optimize their service, resulting in a cost saving of over 100,000USD per annum




Solving pressing challenges at a large site


The final speaker shared how two solutions designed and deployed by ICD has helped the global fast food brand increase efficiency and security at their large Shanghai office site.


A customized Visitor Management Solution was deployed, with features such as facial recognition technology, automated notifications, and QR code verification, dramatically improving visitor experience and admin efficiency. In addition, data stored on the system can be easily searched in the case of an incident and alerts can immediately be sent to security managers if unusual activity is detected. 



Facing the pressing issue of managing and securely dispatching employee delivery packages, the company also deployed a delivery dispatch system, customized by ICD. In short, the solution enables the admin team to quickly notify employees that their package has arrived and, by installing an access card reader at the package pick-up point, only the addressed employee is able to pick up their package, avoiding packages being misplaced or taken by others. 


The solutions introduced at the event all demonstrate the power of integrating systems and collecting and analyzing data. By doing so, companies can help improve various security and facility management procedures, increase efficiency and dramatically cut costs in the long-run.


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