ICD Shenzhen takes a closer look at Advanced Solutions


How do large organizations effectively manage complex security systems?

How can unauthorized access be controlled in locations with no physical door? What measures can be taken prevent employees from illegally accessing servers and downloading data from corporate databases? 

These were just some of the questions addressed and answered at the recent end-user event hosted by ICD in Shenzhen with the theme Winning Together through Communications.



The event kicked off with an exclusive visit to Tencent’s Binhai Building to learn about Tencent’s past, present and future and their onsite and nation-wide security management. 



Attendees then made their way to the Marco Polo Hotel for an afternoon seminar with presentations about advanced solutions which help companies deploy practical, secure and RIO-focused solutions for various security and operations challenges. Solutions introduced included:

  • a secure and efficient visitor management  system with ICD-Visitor; 
  • how to save money at campus sites by deploying a shuttle bus tracking system and;
  • the latest facial recognition technology for access control which is fast, effective and secure.



Participants also got to experience these solutions hands-on in a technology demo set up in the meeting room.



The afternoon seminar was rounded off with a panel discussion tackling commonly faced security challenges with experience shared from four seasoned industry experts from leading global companies and ICD’s CEO, Tony Wang, and VP Sales & BD, Aimee Zhang.



Interested in finding out about any of these solutions or the next ICD event in your region? Reach out to us at marketing@icdsecurity.com. 




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