Winning Together at the ICD Sales Seminar


Our annual Sales Seminar provides colleagues with a platform to learn new skills, share commonly faced security challenges and understand the latest security technologies in the market. This helps ensure we can deploy the best-in-class, most secure and smartest security systems and services at our clients’ sites across Asia.  

The 2018 ICD Sales Seminar was our largest Sales Seminar to date, gathering together over 90 attendees from 10 departments across 6 countries. Held in Shanghai over two days, the seminar included workshops, technology sessions with partners, a panel discussion and even a commercial break video shooting activity!


With the theme of Winning Together this year, as well as enhancing our team’s security industry knowledge, the event was also a chance for our regional sales teams to network with each other and have fun, with various activities on the agenda to get everyone working together and enhancing team spirit.


As we grow as a global company, working together towards common goals is increasingly important. To achieve our mission of being our customers’ best service provider we must continuously collaborate, communicate and work as a team. By working together successfully on a global scale with colleagues, clients and partners, we can all win together!



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