Service Engineer - Guangzhou

Service Engineer

Main Responsibilities:

- Quickest response to client's requirements on security systems.

-Provide support and maintenance services: routine preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, system upgrades/expansions/alterations and systems training.

- Increase customer satisfaction, maintain long-term relationships with clients.



- Bachelor degree or above in Electronic, Computer, Automatization or Mechanical Engineering.

- Minimum 2 year of customer service work experience (security-related preferred).

- Experience in security system field with knowledge of Access Control, CCTV and Alarm System will be a plus.

- Ability to work under pressure.

- Basic IT knowledge in hardware, network and database.

- Strong analytical skill and problem solving ability.

- Taking initiative and working independently.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


职位描述 :


-安防系统的支持和售后服务,包括日常例行维护、保养,系统升级 / 扩展 / 改造, 及提供操作和日常维护的客户培训。




- 电子、自动化、机电一体化或计算机等相关专业。

-  2年以上安防行业 " 客服工程师 " 工作经验。

- 需具备门禁, 监控,入侵报警等相关知识和工作经验。

- 掌握 IT 系统基本知识,如计算机硬件,网络和数据库等相关知识。

- 能够在压力下工作。

- 优秀的问题分析及解决能力。

- 能够独立工作,并具有较强的求知欲和学习能力。

- 客户服务导向。

- 良好的沟通和语言表达能力


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