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Security System Administrator/Service Manager - Singapore

Position Purpose


Onsite Administrators focus on ensuring that security systems function at their optimum level. They achieve this by supervising daily operations, conducting regular maintenance and performance analysis providing troubleshooting support when necessary and submitting analytical reports related to all aspects of security system maintenance on a regular basis.


Job functions:

  • Resolve service requests, attend the issue with minimum downtime and ensure all devices are operational.
  • Raise Service Request with service provider in case issue is not resolved and follow-up till it closed.
  • Raising service request with service provider, coordination with service provider, invoices, etc.
  • Update service database regularly with all necessary details.
  • Validate invoices received from service providers against service request raised.
  • Ensure validated invoice is processed for all services and spare parts and exclude warranty calls, open service requests, etc.
  • Check invoices submitted by vendor for any spare parts or upgrade, validate it against quotation.
  • Ensure proper switching of all security system devices during the scheduled electrical power outage.
  • Raise service request with service provider if necessary.
  • Maintain inventory of all security system spare parts and submit report every month.
  • Protect a company's assets and people from invasion and harm.
  • Support Client Global Physical Security Systems 24/7


Job requirements:


  • Strong security systems background
  • Knowledge in physical access control, alarm systems & CCTV Systems
  • Strong organizational & communication skills
  • Ability to manager multiple task
  • Outstanding interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Requires experience with Microsoft OS & IT Networks
  • Self motivated