A Smart Solution to Monitor and Manage Security & IT Device Health & Functionality Status


Maintenance for a system with tens, hundreds or thousands of devices is difficult, time consuming and costly. In addition, keeping track of the performance of individual devices can be a laborsome or near impossible task, especially at large sites or across numerous sites in a region.


As a result, too often, when a problem occurs with a device or a system it’s already too late and large amounts of information have already been lost. So it’s clear that a more proactive approach to maintenance is needed, but what is the best way of going about this in a simple and effective manner?


We have a solution. At ICD, we have been working closely with a unique and innovative solutions partner which has developed software which can track the working status, or ‘health’ status, of a multitude of security & IT devices and systems on one easy-to-manage platform.


Introducing a smart solution

SmartCare software enables end-users to track and analyze the health of a large number of hardware devices simultaneously, regardless of device location and brand. The software instantaneously detects and notifies end-users of any technical issues such as UPS power supply health status to ensure a safe shut down, other hardware system status (such as full storage and hard disk status), surveillance NVR recording status, camera connection status, IT switches & RAID stability status and much more.



If an ‘event’ occurs, it can be easily and automatically recorded and handled, with an ‘exception’ notification sent to central management via an audio alarm, pop up message, email or SMS. Exception triggers, the response and the form of notification can all be customized on the platform according to the end-user’s preference. Moreover, as a web-based platform, multiple devices can be easily tracked and managed from a central server or remotely via an internet connection.


In addition to providing real-time notification, by collecting data from a wide range of devices over a period of time, the software can carry out statistical analysis and send customized reports to the end-user to help them identify the root causes of technical issues, making it easier to manage potential risks. Additional tools, such as a calendar analysis of exception cases, also enable the end-user to gain an understanding of event distribution which in turn can help identify when preventative maintenance should be arranged.

The advantages of using SmartCare

  • Cost – the software is like having one or several engineers onsite 24/7 at a fraction of the price
  • Real-time notifications – events are automatically recorded and sent to central management
  • Remote management – devices across multiple locations can be remotely managed and a full picture of events can be seen easily
  • Exception case management – events can be statistically analyzed to help find out the root cause of a problem
  • Improved inventory management – spare stock inventory management can be optimized based on predictive maintenance
  • Cross platform management – health status monitoring and management across different platforms and device brands


End-users who could benefit from SmartCare

  • End-users from any industry with an extremely large number of devices at one site or across numerous locations
  • End-users with various different brands of devices and systems installed at multiple remote locations
  • End-users with old devices or systems prone to problems but not in a position to carry out a full system upgrade



For more information about this solution or other smart solutions to help improve efficiency in your business operations and security management, please contact our Premium Services department on sales@icdsecurity.com.

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