ICD sees major growth in data center projects signed


In 2015, ICD has seen a growth in the number solutions provided to data centers, recently signing a further two large system implementation contracts for new data centers in Tokyo and Singapore.


Recent years have seen many key industry players shift their focus to the APAC region where the number of data centers is fast increasing and where demand for data center services is on the rise. This has brought about a heightened demand for high-end security solutions due to the utmost importance of security and safety at data centers.


Data centers are typically considered high risk sites due to the large amount of electrical equipment and data stored within. Any breach of security could cost the company a huge sum of money in data loss, technical damage and market reputation. It is therefore incredibly important for data centers to employ strict access control procedures, ensure data security, minimize server downtime and guarantee fast response times.


Due to the high level of service we guarantee, ICD has been selected as the preferred security service provider for numerous data centers in Asia. In addition, we have years of experience working with global clients who have strict security standards, and our comprehensive system maintenance programs, including a 24 hour customer service hotline with fast response times and routine preventative maintenance checks, are seen as extremely beneficial to clients in the data center industry. 


The two most recent data center projects wins by ICD include:

  • The new Tokyo data center of an American telecommunications and hosting services firm which will be opened later this year. Our solution includes over 50 card readers, 17 biometric devices and 80 IP cameras all integrated on one security management system.
  • An eight story data center in Singapore for a global data center services provider. The solution consists of over 110 card readers, 14 biometric readers for high security areas and 120+ surveillance cameras including 6 PTZ cameras for optimal coverage in open areas.


With further expansion planned for various data center providers in Singapore, Hong Kong and elsewhere, ICD looks forward to providing additional solutions and maintenance services for more data centers in the coming years.