Security Operations Centers at a glance


Scroll down to view our latest infographic about Security Operations Centers, aimed to give you an idea of how SOCs work and how an SOC could bring significant benefit to your organization's security management and event response. 

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Security Operations Centers

An effective way to manage large security operations

What is a Security Operations Center?

An SOC is essentially a centralized control room that deals with security issues across an organization’s numerous sites, managing security on a wider level in terms of organization, technology and response.

Held in a secure and strategic location, systems managed include video surveillance, access control, alarms, security management systems and sometimes additional systems such as lighting or PA systems.

The SOC provides a central point from which these multiple security systems across a region be remotely monitored via data processing and staff supervision, enabling better regional and global security management.

Key characteristics

Data collection and monitoring

Typically, all data across an organization’s multiple sites will be digitally monitored and analyzed so that abnormal or suspicious activity can be easily identified, reported and acted on by local or regional security teams.

Incident management

Major advantages