ICD features in luxury retail security article in security magazine A&S Mag


ICD was approached by the global security publication A&S Mag to provide insight into security solutions in the world of luxury retail for a special feature in their Asia January edition.


With long history of working for some of the world’s leading luxury brands for sites across China and the Asia Pacific, at ICD we have a great deal of experience implementing security solutions for high-end retail sites, whether stores, offices or warehouses. The greatest concentration of luxury retail solutions we have provided is in Shanghai (we have provided solutions of 23 stores belonging to one leading global luxury brand alone), so it was East China’s Operations Manager, Ricky Du, who spoke with A&S Mag’s representative on the topic. Ricky offered insight into how security solutions for luxury retail differ from solutions for other vertical markets and what luxury retail brands really look for in a security service provider, among other issues.


To read the full article, you can download the magazine’s e-edition via this link (you must register for free first) and turn to pages 66-71 in the PDF (pages 64-69 in the magazine).