ICD is on WeChat!


ICD Security Solutions has launched an official WeChat account allowing colleagues, clients, friends and family to follow us on WeChat to keep up to date about the latest ICD news and security tips!


You may have noticed the new QR code below the menu bar on our website... By scanning this code, you can access ICD's official account and by then clicking 'receive messages' you can subscribe to our posts and updates. 


Packed full of information, here you can also read about ICD and our working environment, view case studies and much more!


The interface and some of the content is in Chinese and updates will be in English and Chinese.


Scan the code and check it out for yourself to find out more!


In case you're from outside of China and not familiar with WeChat, it is China's most popular mobile instant messaging and social platform, and is increasingly being adopted by businesses for marketing purposes throughout China. It's like a mix of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and LinkedIn all in one!