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Are attitudes to security changing?


Awareness about the issue of security is growing in the global community. With individuals, companies and organizations all owning more data, more technology and having greater assets that need to be protected, there is a lot more at stake. Moreover, there have been a considerable number of high profile security breaches over the past few years, especially within cyber security and intellectual property. People are therefore more aware of the number of threats out there and that any person or company could be a target at any time.


So if awareness is growing has this led to action? Are people taking adequate measures to protect their assets and reduce their risk, both in the fields of physical and cyber security?


Speaking from the aspect of physical security, traditionally, security managers across many industries have faced one common challenge: convincing their CEO and CFO that money needs to be invested in security (for an article on how to best do this, click here). Companies want to guarantee a safe and secure working environment and to protect the company’s assets, but can still find it difficult to prioritize this expense if the numbers are tight. It can be too easy for management to be focused on sales and profits, overlooking the importance of security as an integral part of a company’s overall structure and survival.

However, it looks like this attitude is finally slowly changing. Greater emphasis in the media on real security threats we face are one factor to an increased sense of risk amongst professionals and corporations. Moreover, security companies worldwide are making efforts to build awareness through industry events (such as the large ASIS meet in Atlanta next week, or ICD’s recent event in Shanghai) to educate people about risk, security and the solutions on the market.


Another clear factor in this changing trend is the role that technology has played. As security technologies are becoming more sophisticated and with greater capabilities, it is easier to see how such solutions will help produce real results to reduce risk and guarantee ROI.


Reduced risk in turn can have a huge positive impact on various aspects of the business. MNCs and senior executives are therefore increasingly realizing the importance of weaving security and risk management solutions into businesses to ensure that security goals are aligned with the company’s commercial goals as well.


In fact, a recent report by MarketsandMarkets predicts that the physical security industry will grow over 50% over the next 5 years to be worth $88 billion worldwide by 2019. Other studies have also shown that the security industry is a promising and stable career path to chose, again highlighting the growth and bright future of this sector. This is all very positive stuff.


However, although we can see that awareness is increasing, there is still a lot more that can be done. We in the security industry, need to continue to build awareness of the importance of this issue within every business. Moreover, we need to convert this awareness into action to ensure that companies sufficiently protect themselves from the threats and risk present. We hope that articles like this and other posts and whitepapers on our blog and LinkedIn page, along with numerous other efforts by ICD, will do just this. 


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