Global Security Services for Multinational Consultancy Firm

The company's new site in Bangalore
The company's new site in Bangalore

ICD and the Convergint Group Go Global Case Study

Case Study Overview


Location: Gurgaon, India; global security services


Industry: Multinational Risk Management and Human Resources Consultancy Firm


Project Overview:

  • Key office building in Gurgaon to hold 3500 employees, integral to the client’s Asia business
  • Integrated solution incorporating CCTV and access control, including designing and implementing standardized access management procedures
  • Total of over 320 cameras on site
  • Short project installation time of less than 2 months
  • Customized security system management training program delivered to site staff


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Global Security Services for Multination
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The client at a glance:


  • 66,000 colleagues worldwide
  • 500 offices in over 120 countries worldwide
  • Globally orientated business



The Convergint Group at a glance:


  • Founded in 2001 in North America
  • Acquired Asia Pacific based security integrator ICD Security Solutions in November, 2013
  • Launched Go Global in 2013





The client's global headquarters in the States
The client's global headquarters in the States

Full Case Study




ICD Security Solutions, as part of the global Convergint Group, was chosen to provide an integrated security solution for one of the world’s leading risk management, human resources and insurance firms, at their extensive site in Gurgaon, India.


With a truly global focus to their business and the way they run their organization, the client seeks to develop an effective global security strategy that can serve their offices and employees around the world. This will be achieved by enforcing more global security standards across their company, as well as increased communication and shared security data between their regional security operations centers in order to fully integrate security systems across regions and continents worldwide.


The client first started working with the Convergint Group in 2013 when Convergint Technologies provided security solutions for several of their in their sites in North America. In June 2014, ICD was subsequently selected to carry out a security system implementation project, alongside security training services and a systems maintenance contract, at the company’s large and strategically important India site.


This case is one of several success stories in the Convergint Groups’ newly launched Go Global strategy, providing global account management and security services for large multinational firms worldwide.


Why ICD and the Convergint Group was chosen


For over 10 years, the client has relied on another security integration company to provide security implementation and maintenance services in the US. However, at this point in their global strategy, the client sought a global security partner to be able to provide global security support and effectively manage and coordinate the company’s security systems around the world. It was at this stage that they started to work with Convergint Technologies on several initial projects in the States. ICD was therefore soon invited to bid on the Gurgaon campus project in India.


The client’s global management was impressed with ICD’s proposal, both in terms of our presentation and high level of professionalism, but also in our ability to provide security services throughout Asia while maintaining regular contact with our North American counterpart. This coincided well with the client’s need for global security management and proved our ability to communicate and coordinate across different regions worldwide, whilst maintaining consistency in the services and solutions we provide.


Gurgaon Project


Following the bid, ICD was chosen to carry out the full security system upgrade at the client’s large office site in Gurgaon, a 14 story building which serves some 3500 of their India employees.


The client’s employees are one of their major assets; management are inherent on maintaining their safety and security at all times. ICD therefore designed a comprehensive security solution for the office block consisting of video surveillance, turnstiles and access control. With some security systems already in place, ICD’s solution was able to integrate the old systems and the new solutions without any major reconfiguration, saving the client time and cost throughout the project.


We installed a network–based solution which incorporates CCTV cameras throughout the premises, all recorded locally on equipment installed on each floor and monitored in the site’s security operations center enabling security staff to monitor employees, visitors and subcontracted staff effectively at all times. The major entry and exit points of the building are controlled by tripod turnstiles and numerous levels of additional access control systems are used throughout the building.


One of the client’s key requirements, ICD also designed standardized access management procedures across the site, including determining the access level, scope and authorized time periods for each of the company’s employees in the building.


To ensure that onsite security and management staff fully understand the systems in place and are be able to operate them smoothly at all times, we also provided a security training program prior to project handover, including a detailed overview of the security management platform, basic system administration and standard operation procedures.


Overall Result and Future Prospects


ICD successfully completely the security implementation stage of the project within the tight time schedule, providing an integrated security system that covers all areas and aspects of the campus: employee access is managed efficiently, the site is effectively monitored and fully secure, and the security system is administered by fully proficient staff.


Moreover, the efficient administration of the system by the security staff and the implementation of effective standardized work procedures ensure that the daily business operations of the client and their partners can be conducted smoothly and with a minimum of security related disruptions.


The company’s global Security Director was impressed by ICD’s execution and delivery throughout the project, both on the ground and internationally, seeing our ability to coordinate well with personnel around the world.


ICD is currently carrying out security maintenance services at the Gurgaon site and has subsequently been awarded two more projects for the client in India due to the standard of work delivered thus far. With the Convergint Group seeking to expand further internationally over the coming years, this marks as a promising start for a long-term global security partnership with this multinational organization.