8 reasons why you should consider a security site audit

When it comes to security, it is generally much more expensive to react to a problem or crisis than it is to take precautions and reduce the risk in the first place. If you don't already have security system assessments or scheduled routine preventative maintenance checks in place, then it is essential to carry out preventative measures within your security system to detect and idendify faults and weaknesses. In the long run, this will save you large amounts of time and money, improve your security system's efficiency and offer a high RIO.


Not convinced? Here's a summary of eight key reasons we think you should seriously consider carrying out a site audit:


The key benefits of carrying out a site audit:


  • A site audit by security experts can identify what problems you face, why they are occurring and how to go about solving them
  • Issues and loopholes in your systems and security management can be identified early, enabling effective systems to be put in place quickly
  • Security experts can identify the root cause of the problems and find effective solutions to solve them, providing a cost effective way to manage your security systems and offering a high ROI

A site audit by a security expert could save you hundreds of thousands of RMB by:


  • Preventing a security crisis: if you wait until a crisis occurs it could be incredibly time consuming, difficult and costly to resolve
  • Ensuring that you have the best possible measures in place to reduce the risk of intellectual property theft
  • Identifying inefficiencies in your systems that could be costing you thousands of RMB
  • Spotting outdated and failing systems and suggesting constructive ways to make improvements
  • Helping you to put effective systems and procedures in place that could reduce your maintenance costs by tens of thousands of RMB per annum



ICD recently completed a detail security site audit of a leading international hi-tech company to help them identify and resolve number security related issues taking place in their large Beijing campus. To find out more about how we helped, read the full case study here.



Perhaps one of our professionals could offer insight and a valuable perspective on your site. Read on to find out more...


How and why one of ICD's security experts might be able to help:


Get a third party perspective


It’s easy to get tied up in the detail and forget to take a step back or to seek a second opinion. As experts in security, getting advice from one of our professionals could be highly beneficial to your company. Whether identifying failures in your technologies or loopholes and inefficiencies in your systems, a site audit could save you considerable money and effort in the long run.


We come from a Systems Integration background


Traditionally offering Systems Integration services, our practical approach to consulting gives us a unique perspective when offering security advice. Our engineers not only have an in depth understanding of security technologies and the integration process across a broad range of products and brands, but are also accustomed to working closely with Security Managers and know what they need.


We have years of experience across different industries


ICD has been installing and designing security systems for 15 years across different sectors and industries. Our professionals therefore have a wealth of experience and invaluable insight into the numerous security-related difficulties frequently faced by multinational companies.


We are familiar with local customs and regulations


With established offices in each region and experienced local and foreign professionals, we are familiar with each region’s local customs and how they can affect the risks faced, how a problem can be solved and how a security system is most effectively managed.


Moreover, we are fully aware of the different security regulations throughout the regions in which we operate, and are committed to adhering to the local and global security standards of each company.

If you would like further information about carrying out a site audit, or anything else mentioned in this articles, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via sales@icdsecurity.com.