Site Audit Consultation Case Study

The client's large manufacturing plant outside Beijing
The client's large manufacturing plant outside Beijing
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Security Assessment for Hi-tech Manufacturing Plant


Solution Overview:


Location: Beijing, China


Industry: Hi-tech




  • Full site audit of large manufacturing plant occupying 60,000 square meters with over 6500 staff
  • An existing security system of over 1300 cameras, 150 DVRs and over 300 proximity readers
  • Thorough assessment of site and systems including simulation tests 
  • Client presented with detailed written report in English and Chinese, and a presentation to Global Management to highlight all security threats on-site

Full case study




One of the world’s leading mobile phone producers approached ICD for our consulting services after experiencing a number of security related incidents, including thefts and information leaks, at one of their key manufacturing plants outside of Beijing. Having commenced operations in 2001, the factory was using outdated and failing security systems, a problem that security and managerial staff were aware of.


However, the client sought professional advice to help identify all key threats and potential risks that the factory faced in its current state in order to identify why they were experiencing such a high number of incidents. A full site audit was therefore required to identify how to best reduce both internal and external threats in preparation for an overall upgrade of security systems and improvement of factory practices.


Why ICD was chosen


Since the plant is highly strategic for the client both in regional terms and on a global level, they sought a company with both technical integration expertise and considerable consulting experience, which would be able to carry out the site audit in a highly professional manner. The client therefore selected ICD, aware of our particular attention to service and our track record of success as a security solutions provider for multinational companies across the Asia Pacific region.


Findings and Solution Proposed


ICD carried out a detailed site audit through an extensive and systematic assessment of the grounds, building and security operations center (SOC), enabling us to identify the numerous security threats and security system failures around the plant. It was also necessary to carry out simulation tests of some equipment to verify the suspected loopholes in the system. In addition, by observing the factory’s everyday procedures and engaging with the SOC manager, security guards and factory staff, we were able to gain deeper insight into the situation and identify where the root causes of the problems lay.


A full bilingual Security Assessment Report was then written up and presented to our client. As well as identifying the areas with critical problems that required urgent solutions, we also highly recommended that the client upgrade their existing technologies and implement improved SOC staff training and specific systems maintenance processes in order to ensure that the new systems put in place would continuously work effectively. With access to this information, the client was able to see clearly where their priorities lay in order to rectify the plant’s situation. Moreover, Global Managers had access to a detailed plan of action for the technical, operational and managerial changes that needed to be made over a longer period of time.




By contracting ICD to carry out a site audit of the client’s mission critical manufacturing plant near Beijing, the client was able to quickly identify the root causes of the site’s frequently occurring security related incidents, and was given detailed information about how these issues should be addressed and the action that needs to be taken. The technical expertise that we provided not only saved the client a considerable amount of time but also provided a cost effective solution to the problem, before the situation at the plant deteriorated further. With a clear idea where to invest within their security systems and management, the client will see a high ROI from the information we provided due to our focus of providing long term solutions to avoid security related problems in the future.