How our employee social network helps us to provide even better security services

At ICD we pride ourselves on being a single global team to support our clients effectively throughout Asia and beyond and allow clients to enjoy the full benefit of our global expertise. For us to achieve this, it is essential that communication and collaboration between global offices is made as convenient as possible. One of our most effective tools for achieving this has been Yammer, an online social network for company employee members.


Yammer serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, making inquiries, starting discussions and keeping updated on the activities of other employees throughout the world. The platform has been especially beneficial to our technical personnel and to employees requiring technical assistance as our security experts are able to share the latest insights into security technology immediately with employees in each of our global offices.


Similarly to other social networks, Yammer allows members to join groups, post individual updates and follow other members, all of which make communication and knowledge sharing easier than ever.


The security expertise our clients need, anywhere in the world

The easy collaboration that is possible with a dedicated enterprise social network has direct, tangible benefits to our clients throughout the world. Local relationship managers can consult our security experts from any office to help develop solutions easily for their clients even if the clients have highly specific technical security requirements. In this way, clients can learn what security solutions are most desirable and viable for their sites even more quickly.

What is more, our systems engineers are encouraged to share updates on new security technologies through discussion groups on a regular basis, allowing all our associates, technical or otherwise to stay on the cutting edge of security. Existing clients are also well-served by the platform, as local service engineers are able to draw on the knowledge pool of the entire company to solve complex security system issues that might otherwise disrupt clients’ daily business operations.

Extending, not transforming company culture

Commenting on ICD’s adoption of a social network for employees, CEO Ron Efron remarked: “It was quite easy to encourage our staff to embrace the platform because ICD’s culture already emphasizes collaboration and close communication between offices in different regions. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for our success as a global security solutions provider.


“Many multinational organizations are also adopting social networks, including several of the larger security companies, but our impression is that these companies often do so to try and change their existing company cultures where employees are often siloed and communication between different offices is inhibited.


“This is because many large organizations are struggling to make the transition from traditional infrastructures such as intranets, multiple accounting systems and traditional ERP systems, so enterprise social networks are used to try to change a dysfunctional company culture.


"In ICD on the other hand, we’ve always tried to be a bit more forward thinking. That’s why we were an early adopter of cloud-based ERP and CRM systems, which have also had considerable benefits for our clients as they implement projects throughout the world. So I think adopting a dedicated social network to bring our employees in each office even closer together makes a lot of sense for us.


“I’m confident it will help us to deliver a better service to clients all over the world.”


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