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ICD deepens cooperation with leading US medical device manufacturer in India

ICD continues to support a major global supplier of medical products with the expansion of their business in India. The client previously selected ICD to help them secure a 100 000 square meter facility in Vizag, India (the case study for this project can be found here). ICD has been chosen again to lead the implementation of an access control and surveillance camera solution for two adjacent facilities in Chennai. Each site will act as a base for manufacturing and R&D operations and shall be made secure with a combination of access control doors, tripod turnstiles boom barriers and surveillance cameras. 


"This project will retrofit a brand new security system to an existing site" says ICD's Account Manager Bijo Philip, who led the system design and preliminary planning for this project. "It was therefore essential to go through a highly rigorous design formulation process and conduct multiple site visits over a period of 6 months to prepare a solution that meets the client's global security standards as well as local regulations.


"We are confident that we have helped the client to develop a security solution for these sites that helps them to meet their security objectives. The client now has very high service expectations when they work with ICD so it is now our responsibility to make sure the project is implemented to the highest possible standard. We are very excited to participate in this company's ongoing drive to expand their operations in India and we look forward to continuing to support them as their footprint grows in this region."





Bijo Philip, Account Manager at ICD's India Offices
Bijo Philip, Account Manager at ICD's India Offices