Campus for Global Pharmaceuticals Company in Hangzhou

The security system for this site featured muster points located throughout the campus
The security system for this site featured muster points located throughout the campus



One of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals companies chose ICD to help them implement a security system for their newly constructed campus site in Hangzhou. The campus is one of the largest production and packaging facilities of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region and is also one of the client’s largest factories in the region. The site, which has an investment of more than 120 million USD, covers an area of more than 75000 square meters and is staffed by more than 1000 employees.


Why ICD was chosen


ICD had already helped the client to implement security systems for 24 sites throughout Asia, including Greater China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and we are the client’s exclusive vendor in Mainland China.


While the Hangzhou campus site was being constructed, the client was also working with ICD to migrate their security systems for their Asia sites from the server in the client’s US headquarters to a regional server in Singapore. We therefore had a detailed understanding of their specific security requirements and security system standards.




The campus comprises several highly sensitive areas that are critical to the client’s Asia-Pacific business operations, including factory buildings, laboratories, a clean room and an anti-explosion area. In addition to strict access management and video surveillance measures, onsite safety was also a crucial consideration when implementing this project. It was therefore essential that every aspect of the design and implementation of the security system conformed to strict safety measures. Every item of security equipment required approval by multiple stakeholders including the project management team, the safety team and the property management team before it could be installed on the premises.


The installation process itself was also subject to rigorous safety procedures and construction time was also arranged very strictly, meaning that the time available to install the security system was highly limited. Furthermore, attention to the color, shape and dimensions of each piece of equipment was also necessary to meet high aesthetic standards required by the client.


Lastly, as the client was in the process of migrating the security systems of their Asia sites to a regional server in Singapore, it was also necessary to coordinate not only with the local project management team, but also with the client’s security teams in Singapore and the United States.




ICD helped the client to design and install a security solution that features access control, CCTV surveillance and video storage, muster point monitoring and reporting, and intercom systems. The system is based on GE’s security management platform, in accordance with the client’s global standards. Vehicle access at the perimeter is controlled using gate arms, card reader boxes, an intercom system and miniature cameras. Laboratories on the premises are protected by 5 interlocking doors, only one of which can be opened at a time. In the event of an emergency, laboratory workers can press panic buttons located in the area that are directly connected to the local police department.


6 muster points located throughout the campus form the other main emergency response system for the premises and each muster point includes both a card reader and emergency telephone. The muster point system allows the client’s security team immediately to know the precise number of evacuees from the campus buildings and the number of remaining building occupants.


Another sensitive area, the clean room, requires authorized personnel to pass through 3 access control doors before they can enter the area. Access to the warehouse building by forklift truck drivers is conveniently managed with long range card readers that can reader an authorized card from a distance of up to 4 meters. In addition to standard access control doors, the administration buildings are fitted with turnstiles designed to allow disabled persons to access the site conveniently.


Comprehensive video surveillance of the entire site is achieved using a combination of PTZ and fixed cameras while monitoring is conducted by the site security team via workstations located at the reception area of the administration building, the main security operations room and the two guardhouses on the east and west sides of the campus perimeter. Exterior areas are monitored by a total of 6 PTZ cameras.


To ensure that this solution was installed to the full satisfaction of the client, ICD arranged for detailed product demonstrations prior to the installation of each piece of equipment at the client’s request. This allowed the client to achieve a full understanding of the functionality of each security product and whether it complied with their installation standards. ICD’s Shanghai team also worked closely with the client’s associates in Shanghai, the United States and Singapore to ensure that the security system for the campus site connected successfully to their new regional server in Singapore.


ICD also took responsibility for programming the security management system to ensure it met operational requirements. Programming was conducted remotely via the client’s offices in Beijing and Shanghai, at which we could access their Singapore server. We also carried out all testing and commissioning work on every device used in the campus’ security solution once installation was complete.




ICD has successfully completed the handover for this project to the full satisfaction of the client. The campus is equipped with an integrated security system that fully complies with the client’s installation and operational requirements and ensures a high level of security for each of the site’s sensitive business operations areas. The security system was successfully connected to the client’s regional Singapore server and is easily monitored by the client’s regional security team.


ICD also ensures the continued effective operation of the campus’ security system by providing regular routine preventative maintenance checks and fixed response times for troubleshooting and technical support requests.



Solution Overview:


Location: Hangzhou


Industry: Pharmaceuticals




  • Access control, CCTV and Muster Point systems for 75000 square meter pharmaceutical campus in Hangzhou


  • Assisted the client to connect site security system to regional server in Singapore


  • Successfully installed system according to strict safety and installation procedures


  • Solution includes more than 120 access control doors and 59 cameras