Tianjin Factory for Global Consumer Goods Giant



One of the world’s largest consumer goods companies chose ICD to lead the implementation of a comprehensive security system for a factory site in Tianjin, China. The purpose of this groundbreaking facility is to produce and deliver more than 100 metric tons of detergent and fabric softener to consumers in Mainland China. The client has achieved a growth of more than 18% over five years in the China and this mission critical site will help them to meet the considerable consumer demand in the region


Why ICD was chosen


Though we had not previously worked with the client, they were already aware of ICD’s service reputation in China and throughout Asia. The client concluded that we were the best qualified to lead the implementation of their global security standards for the Tianjin facility even though they had a preferred global security vendor at the time. They decided to work with ICD for this project as they felt we demonstrated the most detailed understanding of their requirements in pre-bid discussions.


Project Challenges


The main security concerns for this facility included potential shrinkage of inventory during transit between the on site manufacturing building and the logistics center. It was also essential monitor and respond to unwanted intruders that entered the premises by the site perimeter, while at the same time achieving effective access management for all site visitors and employees.


Another security requirement was the effective monitoring of working areas, particularly high risk work spaces with installed heavy machinery and areas containing highly flammable materials. In this way the client would be able to ensure that correct work procedures were followed and that any onsite safety incidents could be monitored and prevented wherever possible.


One more challenge involved the client’s global security standards, which included standard definition CCTV camera models. This made it difficult to achieve total surveillance coverage of the large facility’s sensitive areas without exceeding the allocated budget for the project.


Our Solution


ICD proposed a surveillance solution based on megapixel camera technology to help the client meet the implementation challenges for this site. Though megapixel cameras were included in the client’s standardized global security system requirements, the client agreed that megapixel technology would allow them to design a cost effective security system that ensured maximum high quality surveillance coverage while minimizing the number of required camera units and overall equipment costs. The solution provided by ICD includes a combination of “bullet” cameras and 180 degree view cameras and achieves full surveillance coverage of all important sensitive areas throughout the facility.


The access control component of the solution conforms to the client’s global security standards and was implemented in coordination with the client’s preferred access control equipment vendors. The solution comprises 18 access control doors located at all major access points, including the factory building, logistics center, office buildings, IT room, chemical storage areas and perimeter guard house doors. Car park barriers are also located by the guard house area of the facility, while turnstiles were installed to manage bicycle and pedestrian access to the site via the perimeter entrances.




ICD designed, implemented and commissioned a comprehensive security solution that closely conformed to the client’s standardized global security requirements and enhanced the functionality of the original system design with the addition of megapixel camera technology. The technology recommendations made by ICD also allowed the client to stay within budget for the project and to meet their security requirements for the site.


The client is now one step closer to completing the construction of this landmark facility in Tianjin. ICD will continue to help the client develop a robust security strategy as they work towards their goal of multiplying their business in China by five times in the next ten years.



Solution Overview:


Location: Tianjin, China


Industry: Consumer Goods




  • IP Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm and Perimeter Gate systems for groundbreaking factory site in Tianjin, China


  • Security system supports first construction phase covering 27 hectares


  • Solution includes megapixel surveillance cameras


  • Helped the client to link system to UK Headquarters