Offline Access Control for Global Serviced Offices Provider



ICD helped a global provider of serviced office facilities to implement a cutting edge offline lock solution for a flagship office building located in the heart of downtown Shanghai. The site is the first and only of the client’s “five star facilities” in Mainland China and is the first to deploy the client’s global security system standards in this region.


Why ICD was chosen


Because of our experience working with other global office space providers, as well as our track record providing similar offline access control solutions for clients throughout Asia, the client was confident that ICD was capable of implementing a security system to the standard required for a five star facility. As a result, ICD was chosen instead of the client’s China-based security vendor to lead this project.


Our Solution


We helped the client to design and implement a solution based on the offline access control system provided by Simonsvoss. The system consists of 7 wired access control doors and 80 doors with offline locks. The online doors are situated at each of the main entrance points and conference rooms and each is fitted with a pin code card reader, a magnetic lock and an emergency break glass.


The offline doors are fitted with digital locking cylinders that combine the functionality of electronic access control with convenient installation comparable to a traditional mechanical lock. Access management for the site is performed on the premises by the reception staff at the main entrance. Reception staff manage security on the site by issuing all end users of the client’s premises with a small and convenient transponder button and setting the access level of individuals using Simonsvoss’ access management software platform.




The client was able to install the first access control system in Mainland China that conformed to their global security standards. By deploying offline locks for most of the office doors, the client was able to install the system quickly and efficiently.

The client’s end users are now supported by a cutting edge security system that guarantees the safety of their rented premises and meets the high requirements of this five star facility. ICD is proud to have helped the client with this pioneering project and we look forward to supporting them with future expansions in Mainland China and beyond.



Solution Overview:


Location: Shanghai


Industry: Office Space, Executive Suites & Virtual Offices




  • Offline access control system for high end commercial building in central Shanghai


  • 7 wired access control doors and 80 doors with offline locks


  • Flagship office first of its kind in Mainland China