Halliburton Singapore Plant Project



ICD worked with one of the world’s largest oilfield services provider to implement a security system for the first construction phase of their manufacturing plant in Singapore. The site shall comprise oil and gas equipment manufacturing facilities, a logistics center, material science laboratories and administration buildings and shall eventually house more than 1000 employees.


Why ICD was chosen


One of the client’s highest priorities was that their security partner had a detailed knowledge of their global security standards. ICD already had an impressive track record implementing systems for Halliburton throughout the Asia-Pacific since 2010, including similar sites in Singapore. As a result, the client considered ICD to be the most suitable partner for this project.




It was essential to ensure effective access management and surveillance for the site perimeter. A second security layer was required for the administration buildings and the material science laboratories and a third layer for sensitive areas within each building, including IT hub rooms on each of the building floors. 




ICD helped Halliburton to implement a security solution that met their global standards in full. The integrated system is based on Lenel’s security management platform and is connected to the client’s servers in Houston. The security solution features integrated access control, car parking, IP video surveillance, alarm and intercom systems. Access is managed using barrier gates installed at each of the three guard houses located on the site perimeter, as well as access control doors at the main entrance to each office building and at the entry point of sensitive sites within each building.


The CCTV and intercom systems are both PoE-based and the cameras used on the site are a combination of high resolution fixed, dome and PTZ models provided by both Basler and Axis. The solution achieves complete video surveillance coverage of the site perimeter, as well as the exterior of the administration buildings and the entrance points to each of the interior sensitive sites.


One of the major project challenges concerned the large area of the site. This necessitated extensive excavation work to install cabling for cameras and other security equipment throughout the premises. ICD took the lead to coordinate with the client’s construction partner to conduct the excavation work and ensure the proper implementation of the security system design. As a result the project was successfully completed on schedule and to the full satisfaction to each of the project stakeholders.


Looking forward


ICD successfully completed the implementation of a comprehensive security system for the first phase of the site’s construction. For the next stage, security systems will be required to support on future planned manufacturing areas, as well as R&D buildings and a logistics center. ICD’s Singapore team looks forward to continuing to support Halliburton with this mission-critical construction project and to ensure that they are served by an effective security system that facilitates their business objectives.


Solution Overview


Location: Singapore


Industry: Energy—Oilfield Services




  • Completed implementation of security system for first construction phase of client’s Singapore plant


  • Video surveillance, car parking, access control and intercom systems


  • System covers site perimeter, 3 perimeter guard houses and administration building with 4 floors