Turnstile Solution for Offices of Professional Services Company



One of the Big Four professional services companies required a cutting edge turnstile solution for their offices in Hong Kong. The turnstile solution ensures effective monitoring of any individuals entering the premises and is a highly visible representation of the commitment to security that the client wishes to convey to all visitors to their offices.


Why ICD was chosen


The client was already working with a regional partner for security system integration at the time. This partner provided proprietary security products for the systems they integrated, but the client was not satisfied with either the security products they offered or their quality of service. The client concluded that the security solution proposed by ICD, which featured cutting edge products from UK-based Integrated Design Limited (IDL), would meet their requirements in full.


Solution Overview:


Location: Hong Kong


Industry: Professional Services



  • Cutting edge turnstile solution for Hong Kong offices


  • Total of 9 turnstile lanes installed on 5 floors


  • Integrated with existing security management system



Our Solution


Because the office building itself had no turnstiles installed at the main lobby, the client’s first layer of security was the access control doors at the main entrances of their offices on each floor. It was therefore necessary to install turnstiles on each of the five floors where the client had offices.


ICD helped the client to design and implement a solution consisting of 9 “Glassgate” model turnstile lanes, each featuring full height glass panel that open with a ‘door like’ motion. It is also possible to integrate each of these gates with the premises’ fire alarm system, so that the barriers open automatically in an emergency. Double lane turnstile gates were installed on 4 of the client’s office floors, while a single turnstile lane was installed on the remaining floor. The lanes on each floor facilitate easy wheelchair access and are configured to prevent tailgating by unauthorized visitors.


For the convenience of authorized personnel, the gates stay open for the duration of up to 7 consecutive access requests. ICD also helped the client to integrate the turnstile system with the previously installed access management system so that personnel would be able to use their existing access cards to pass through the turnstiles.




With turnstile lanes installed on each office floor, the client has ensured the security of its office premises thanks to the effective anti-tailgating and enhanced visitor monitoring capabilities featured in the solution. The aesthetically pleasing turnstile lanes also help the client to convey their serious commitment to security and safety, both to office visitors and to employees working on the premises.