Sinopec Nanjing Case Study


Our client is one of the leading China-based oil and gas companies. When they decided to upgrade security for their Nanjing campus to a Lenel-based platform, they entrusted ICD with the installation of the new system. In addition to implementing the client’s new security system, we also helped the client to design and execute a comprehensive Lenel training programme for their security staff to ensure the effective management of the client’s site security.



The client had already implemented security systems to safeguard the multiple chemical processing sites on campus. Each of these sites had been configured according to their individual technical requirements and was each supervised by separate subsidiaries. It was essential that security for each of these areas was fully integrated.

At the same time, the subsidiaries’ parent company wished to monitor each area while simultaneously restricting the access of employees in each area to other sites within the campus. What is more, each site is regularly visited by numerous employees belonging to multiple sub-contracting companies. As a result, it was essential to ensure that the scope, authorized time period and level of each employee’s access rights was managed extremely carefully.


Our Solution


The Lenel system proposed by ICD allowed the client to integrate their existing site security systems for each chemical processing site seamlessly and without major re-configuration, thanks to the open architecture standards that Lenel’s platform supports.

The solution is network-based and incorporates analogue CCTV cameras throughout the campus premises. CCTV footage is monitored in the server room of the client’s on-site IT building and  is recorded locally on equipment installed in each building. Visitors and subcontracting staff are effectively monitored thanks to an access control system and car number plate reading equipment both installed at the main entrance gate to the campus.

Following implementation, ICD assisted the client to design comprehensive standardized access management procedures and to designate the access management rights of each employee.  During this process, we helped the client to issue a total of more than 2000 badges, each with individually tailored access level, scope and authorized time periods.

In addition to designing these procedures, we initiated a training program for each of the client’s security staff. The scope of the training included a detailed overview of the Lenel security management platform, basic system administration and standard operation procedures.




The client now enjoys a fully integrated security system that covers every single area in its Nanjing campus. Visitor and employee access is managed efficiently and the security system is administered effectively by proficient staff that have each undergone an extensive training programme.

Each part of the client’s campus is effectively monitored and fully secure. Moreover the efficient administration of the system by the security staff and the implementation of effective standardized work procedures ensures that the daily business operations of the client and their partners can be conducted smoothly and with the minimum of security-related disruptions.



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Solution Overview


Location: Nanjing China


Industry: Petrochemical


Solution Highlights:

  • Provided retrofitted Lenel security solution for client’s Nanijng-based campus site.
  • Integrated CCTV and Access Control systems for multiple factories.
  • Provided comprehensive training to site security staff to ensure the optimum functionality of the installed security system.