Remote Monitoring Services for Financial Services Company's Hong Kong Office


A leading China-based energy company approached ICD to help them implement a security monitoring solution for the Hong Kong Offices of their financial services subsidiary to provide effective protection for their premises and guarantee the appropriate response to false alarms and real security incidents.



Using traditional alarm systems, it is often difficult for staff to judge whether a triggered alarm is caused by a serious security incident. The client was concerned that if the local police were contacted too frequently, they would be more likely to downgrade their incident response level for the site. This would not only make the site more vulnerable to security risks but also affect the insurance policies available to the client for the site.


Solution Proposed


ICD proposed a monitoring system that integrated and synchronized the functions of an alarm system and a CCTV system.  Using this integrated system, security monitoring staff are able to inspect the scene of any alarm incident immediately after the alarm is triggered allowing the client to make a more informed decision on whether to contact the local police to investigate the incident.

The security system for the client’s site is connected to ICD’s remote monitoring center, and ICD provides the client with a dedicated team of security professionals to monitor the site 24 hours a day.




The client enjoys security monitoring services that allow them to judge the nature of alarm incidents immediately and accurately. In addition to guaranteeing the security of the site, the solution has also allowed the client to remain eligible for the insurance policies that the site requires, helping them to avoid significant financial losses and to manage risks more effectively.

In addition to long term monitoring support, ICD continues to serve the client by providing a comprehensive range of security solutions to help the client achieve each of their security objectives and satisfy their requirements in full.




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Solution Overview:


Location:    Hong Kong


Industry:   Financial Services




  • Implemented fully integrated and synchronized video monitoring and alarm system
  • Solution allows immediate and correct response to all site  security incidents
  • System implemented in just 2 days
  • Provided client with dedicated remote monitoring team  following the completion of the project