Global Maintenance Services for Leading Global Asset Management Company


When a leading financial services company with 120 years of history decided to grow their operations in the Asia-Pacific region, they recognized the need for a robust security system maintenance service plan. ICD began providing security maintenance services to the client in 2008 for one of their offices in Bangalore. Since then, we have expanded and deepened our maintenance support for their offices  throughout Asia.


Why ICD was chosen

Though the client was already receiving maintenance services from an existing vendor at the time, they concluded that ICD was better able to satisfy their security requirements completely . This was because we were the uniquely capable among local security service providers in India of providing technical support staff for RS2’s security management platform, which was used by the client as their corporate security standard.

Moreover, our maintenance support included added value consulting services that facilitated the implementation of their security plans.


Our Solution


We arranged for a team of highly experienced technical support staff that specialized in the maintenance of RS2-based security systems to provide troubleshooting and preventative maintenance support for their sites in India. Each site receives 4 routine preventative maintenance visits each year, during which all software is backed up and upgraded if necessary, while all hardware is carefully inspected and replacements are made if required.

In addition to maintenance services, our support team also provides consultation on security equipment positioning for each site, allowing the client to enjoy the benefits of our considerable experience as a leading security systems integrator. Our staff also communicate closely with the client’s security team at their Chicago headquarters to ensure that our recommendations comply with their corporate security standards.

On the basis of the high value maintenance services we provided in India, the client decided to expand the scope of our cooperation to include offices in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. In each of these regions, the client is able to take advantage of our locally-based technical support teams and comprehensive existing network of local maintenance service providers. All customer services provided to the client are coordinated by ICD’s global 24 hour customer team based in Shanghai and all service cases are accessible from anywhere in the world via our online case management system.




By working with ICD, the client has managed to keep system downtime down to an average of just a couple of  hours each year that we have provided them with maintenance services. None of the sites for which we have provided services have experienced system malfunctions that have disrupted daily operations and troubleshooting service cases have been kept to a minimum thanks to regular preventative maintenance visits.

The client was so impressed by our level of security expertise that in 2011, they decided to award us three more uncontested  implementation projects for new office sites  India and we continue to support the client with a variety of professional security services and maintenance support for their sites throughout the APAC region.

Asset Management Company Maintenance Ser
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Solution Overview:

Location:    India, China, Hong Kong Japan, Singapore, Australia


Industry:   Financial Services



  • Comprehensive security maintenance plan for sites throughout APAC region
  • Cooperated since 2008
  • 3 major sites in India + sites in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Melbourne
  • RS2 system specialists allocated to service client’s sites