Embedded Security Administrator for Leading Multinational Sportswear Retailer

ICD's embedded staff receive full support from our customer service staff and account managers
ICD's embedded staff receive full support from our customer service staff and account managers


A world-famous sports brand considered the onsite services provided by another security service provider to be at an insufficient level to meet their requirements. They decided that it was necessary establish a partnership with a new onsite security services provider that could meet their needs more effectively.



At the time, the client was using an onsite service that offered only basic troubleshooting support. The client therefore felt that there was an urgent need for proactive onsite service that anticipated potential system problems and prevented potentially damaging security incidents.


Why the client chose ICD

The client had not previously worked with ICD, yet was already aware of our services from referrals made by our existing partners.

They concluded that our onsite services would enable them to meet their security requirements because unlike their previous service provider, the scope of work entailed comprehensive routine preventative maintenance and regularly submitted reports.


Our Solution


We recommended that one of our internal service engineer associates be placed in the client’s Shanghai offices as a dedicated Onsite Administrator. The Administrator reports to the IT Supervisor for Mainland China and supervises the daily operation of the security system in the client’s Shanghai site.

The Administrator also helps the client to conduct regular preventative maintenance for each piece of system hardware and produces daily, weekly and quarterly analytical reports.

In addition to our onsite services, the client also decided to use our “Annual Maintenance Service” to ensure comprehensive local infrastructure is available for sites throughout Mainland China. The Onsite Administrator is therefore able to coordinate with dedicated regional technical support teams to deal with complex troubleshooting cases.


The Result


The combination of ICD’s onsite services and maintenance plan was able to satisfy the client’s security requirements in full and ensured that effective maintenance services were delivered at the client’s Shanghai site. Moreover, the client concluded that ICD was a reliable and highly effective security service provider who could be trusted to support them for an even wider range of security-related initiatives.

To date, ICD has supported the client not only with onsite services but also with nationwide maintenance services and system implementation solutions for multiple sites in Mainland China, meaning that the client only has to work with one security partner to receive a variety of services rather than relying on multiple vendors. It is ICD’s ambition to ensure that each of our clients receive this level of comprehensive support for security.



Multinational Sportwear Compay Onsite Ad
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Solution Overview:


Client: Leading Multinational Sportswear Company


Location: Shanghai


Industry: Retail




  • Reports to IT Supervisor for Mainland China
  • Supports client with proactive approach to onsite system maintenance
  • Coordinates with regional service team to ensure full support for all issues
  • Services used in conjunction with comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services

Scope of Works


  • System operation and management
  • Maintenance services including hardware and software maintenance
  • Coordination responsibilities that assist the line manager with their daily duties
  • Basic troubleshooting work; coordination with regional technical support teams for complex issues
  • Report generation
  • Coordination and quality control work during nationwide security system implementation projects