Embedded Onsite Security Supervisor for Leading Global Software Company

Onsite security supervisor at client's Beijing offices
Onsite security supervisor at client's Beijing offices


A leading ERP software company was already working with a vendor to recruit staff for their guard force and security operation center team in Beijing and decided it was necessary to take measures to improve the quality of each of these teams by enhancing management and training procedures. Following consultation with ICD, the client decided that an embedded security supervisor provided as part of our onsite staff placement services would enable them to achieve these objectives.


Why the client chose ICD

ICD had already worked with the client on numerous system integration projects on sites throughout Mainland China Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India since 2003. The client was impressed by our standards of service quality and considered us to be a key strategic partner for security management in Asia. The client was therefore confident that our onsite services would meet the high standards of quality they had come to expect. In addition, our detailed knowledge of their business operations gained from years of service increased our potential to propose a solution that created significant value for the client.


At the time, the client was having difficulty guaranteeing the effectiveness of their guard force and security operation center support team. Major challenges included under-developed management processes and communication difficulties with the staff and service provider, both of whom were locally based. There was therefore an urgent need for experienced security personnel, able to communicate effectively in English.

Moreover, the client’s Beijing campus was served by a technologically advanced Lenel system featuring more than 100 cameras and 100 card readers, yet the security staff lacked the professional knowledge necessary to conduct daily operations effectively.


Solution proposed

 ICD recommended that the client delegate the management of each of these teams to a single onsite security supervisor.  The supervisor would act as a single point of contact for the client to deal with all matters related to the duties performed by each team, and to provide impartial feedback on their work performance. A suitable candidate was selected and on board within two months of initiating the new project.

The new security supervisor worked closely with ICD’s professional services manager and the client’s account manager to develop training programs and operation procedures based on a detailed understanding of the client’s requirements and a solid foundation of technical expertise.

At the same time, the supervisor made efforts to build a strong working relationship with the existing security staff vendor to ensure that the new policies and training programs for the workforce were implemented effectively.


The Result

By using our onsite services, the client has successfully optimized the daily operation procedures of both their guard force and security operation center support team. Continuous training allows each team to develop their professional skills constantly and to perform their daily duties to a standard that satisfies the client’s requirements.

What is more, our services provide the client with multiple channels for communication, including ICD’s internal staff and the onsite security supervisor himself. The client is therefore able to communicate their requirements toward their guard force and SOC support team with greater effectiveness and clarity.



Software Company Onsite Security Supervi
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Solution Overview:


Location:    Beijing, China


Industry:   IT/Software



  • Placed onsite staff to supervise client’s guard force and security operations center support team
  • Provided management and training services
  • Services enhance the professional capabilities of existing guarding and SOC vendor


Scope of Works

  • Prepares and updates operation procedure handbooks for guard force and SOC personnel
  • Schedules regular training sessions including focus on onsite incident case studies.
  • Ensures security services are delivered effectively 24/7
  • Supervises routine checks on security and safety equipment with regard to current stocks, defects and expiry dates
  • Maintains detailed logs, and incident reports