Design Consulting for Leading Consumer Electronics Company


Our client is one of the world’s most admired and iconic electronics companies. Though the client is already a market leader in numerous fields, they still continue to enjoy explosive growth throughout the world, and especially in Mainland China. This growth rate brings significant challenges, particularly for their regional security teams. For this reason, many of the client’s security initiatives are outsourced to ICD, who acts as their global security partner for the Asia-Pacific region. Services previously performed for the client included implementation services for each of their Mainland China flagship retail stores.

As a result, when the client began building their first China-based campus site in Shanghai, they entrusted the design of the site’s security system to ICD. The design required integrated access control, video surveillance and alarm systems.

Site Overview

The site is located between a main road and a high school and consists of 3 buildings, as well as a car park with an entrance and exit to the East and West respectively, covering a total of more than 163,000 square feet. Each building comprises 6 floors and a basement level, accommodating almost 1000 employees.

One building houses office rooms and the site’s server room, the second building  includes office rooms and a large visitor reception area and the third building is home to the site canteen, training room and office rooms, as well as a gym, located in the basement.


The site is not enclosed by a perimeter fence and is bordered instead by a permeable planted area. The first secure access point for pedestrians is therefore the main door of each of the buildings. It was therefore essential that the exterior area surrounding the site premises be fully monitored by surveillance cameras. However, it was not permitted to install cameras to the exterior of each building, owing to the restrictions of the client’s tenancy agreement.

Each of the buildings were fitted with large windows on each floor, multiplying the risk of a security breach. Additionally, because the main door of  the second building  was a large, heavy metal construction, it was not practical to install electronic access control equipment that complied with the client’s global security standards.

Another issue concerned the security of each building’s roof area. While the client’s security team preferred that the area be completely locked down, the operations team requested that the roof be available as a recreational area for employees. The security system design therefore had to accommodate these two competing demands effectively.

Our Solution


The site’s security system was designed based on Lenel’s platform and an alarm system provided by Bosch, in line with the client’s global security standards.

We also advised the client that the best way to achieve effective surveillance of the exterior areas was to deploy megapixel network cameras, provided by Arecont Vision. High resolution panoramic image technology not provides a higher image quality but also reduces the number of cameras necessary to cover the required area and was therefore ideal for ensuring complete yet non-intrusive video surveillance coverage.

To accommodate the building restrictions stipulated in the client’s tenancy agreement, all exterior cameras were pole-mounted and discreetly placed among the planted areas. All vehicles that enter and exit the site, as well as the perimeter area around each building are monitored by Arecont model 8185 4 megapixel dome cameras.

For the main entrance leading to the reception are in the second building, we advised the client to deploy an access card-based turnstile system directly behind the large metal door. In this way, the client was able to integrate access control for this entrance point in a way that complied with their global security standards. A glass wall perimeter was also installed around the turnstile area.

The glass perimeter solution ensures not only that the access point is secure and that entrants are immediately visible, but that also that the reception area retains a sense of openness and generosity of space. This is important, as the client was keen to retain an environment in the main reception that was secure yet also felt open and welcoming for site visitors.

On each floor, we placed Arecont 2155 model 2 megapixel dome cameras in each interior corner to monitor the window area. Cameras were also installed in sensitive site areas including the security operations center and server room.

On the roof areas of each building, our security system design balanced the client’s security requirements and their desire to provide a recreational area for each building’s occupants. Each roof was fitted with a perimeter to prevent intrusion while hazardous zones such as areas housing machinery and water pipes were separated by a wall partition. Meanwhile a dedicated area was provided for employees to move freely on the roof of each building, thereby satisfying the requirements of both the security and operations teams.


The client concluded that our system design fully conformed to their global security standards, while at the same time maintaining a pleasant environment for both employees and visitors. Because of our track record helping them to implement security systems for their retail store sites nationwide, they decided to use ICD again to implement the security system design for the entire campus site. We continue to provide the client with ever deeper support and a variety of professional security services throughout the Asia-Pacific region.



Consumer Electronics Company Consulting
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Location: Shanghai


Industry: Consumer Electronics


Solution Highlights:


  • Provided cutting-edge security system design for company’s first China-based campus
  • Site comprised 3 buildings, each with 6 floors
  • 250 cameras and 120 card readers deployed throughout entire site.
  • Solution based on Lenel security management platform
  • Turnstile system built from the ground up ensures effective access management for the client’s visitor reception area.
  • Proposed megapixel IP cameras to enhance system functionality and maximize ROI.