Consulting Services for World Famous Theme Park


 Our client, one of the world’s most famous brands, is currently constructing a new theme park in Shanghai that will open its doors to visitors in four years time. The park shall cover an area of 3.9 square km and shall comprise a themed amusement park area, a themed hotel, retail, dining and entertainment facilities and a car park among other conveniences, as well as a central lake, a river and a transport hub.

 The amusement park itself shall cover 1.16 square km and shall offer a variety of attractions and themed areas. The project shall receive investments from both the local government and the theme park company itself worth approximately 24.5 billion RMB in total.


Why was ICD chosen?

The large customer flow volume and potentially sensitive security issues associated with the construction of a large theme park were a major source of concern for the local government from the start, yet the client lacked an understanding of local security standards and regulations. For these reasons, it was essential for the client to work with a credible security solution provider who had a strong track record of success as a designer for local projects and who was able to conduct negotiations with the local government’s security department effectively.

ICD was chosen on the basis of its rich experience and professional capabilities in security consulting and design organization. Our consultants have provided a range of services to the client including legal consultation, system design, video system monitoring and product line comparative assessment.




Theme Park Consulting Case Study.pdf
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Location: Shanghai


Industry: Leisure


Solution Highlights:


  • Mediated with local authorities on behalf of the client for security issues for multi billion RMB theme park currently under construction near Shanghai
  • 3.9 square kilometer park opens in 2015


Service Scope

  • Understand and collect information on local public security practices, as well as local government rules and regulations related to park security
  • Represent the client in security meetings with the local government security department.
  • Design and cooperation between team members, integrate the security requirements of various parties.
  • Provide comparison reports for analog and digital monitoring equipment, including brands, price, relative strengths and weaknesses etc.
  • Offer advice on system selection based on client requirements
  • Assist the client’s security team and the public security bureau to draft a plan of general security provisions for the park.
  • Assist with overall security concept design and system selection
  • Offer advice regarding the integration of park and public security bureau security systems.
  • Offer advice on project execution.