Vizag Facility for US Medical Devices Company

Access control panel installed on site
Access control panel installed on site

Find out how ICD helped a leading US-based manufacturer of medical devices to implement an integrated security system for their pioneering production facility in Vizag, India.


In 2011, The United States’ leading generic injectables specialist began an ambitious global expansion program that includes the construction of sites throughout India. One of the key initiatives in this program is a 100 000 square meter facility in Vizag India, which will offer low-cost, flexible manufacturing and alleviate pressure on US sites that previously accounted for more than 90% of global production. The client has chosen ICD to implement comprehensive integrated security management systems based on Lenel’s security management platform for this site in stages before production begins in 2014. Below is an overview of the security solution we have implemented so far for the client’s Vizag facility.


Site Overview


The site currently accommodates 2 buildings housing 8 production lines each, as well as a warehouse, canteen, utility block and administration building. Over the next few years, the client plans to construct three more manufacturing units within the premises. To ensure that the client’s security needs were met in full, it was therefore essential to select a security management system that not only provided effective security for current sites, but could also be conveniently scaled to accommodate production areas constructed on the site in the future. 

In addition, the client required that the security management system be integrated with the server located at their headquarters in Illinois, USA to ensure that the system complied with their global security standards. Lastly, access to sensitive areas such as the manufacturing areas and the warehouse building also had to be controlled carefully and equipped with comprehensive surveillance apparatus.

Our Solution


The client uses Lenel’s platform as their global standard for security management, so ICD arranged for a team of Lenel-certified specialists to lead the implementation of the security system for the site. The platform supports each of the access controlled doors throughout the site, as well as the turnstile entrances to each of the manufacturing buildings and the warehouse. Each of the access controlled doors are fitted with electromagnetic locks, door sensors, break glass devices and emergency door releases. The cameras in the solution are a combination of indoor and outdoor megapixel IP cameras provided by Axis, positioned to ensure high resolution surveillance coverage of the interiors and exteriors of all manufacturing and sensitive areas, as well as all site entrances and the perimeter area.

Following the installation of each of these devices, ICD’s project team assisted the client with the integration of the site’s security system with their global server in Illinois and conducted extensive system testing to ensure that the solution met the highest standards of quality and system stability. The site is now supported by ICD’s system maintenance plan, which includes regular preventative maintenance visits by system specialists and guaranteed troubleshooting response times to minimize system downtime and disruptions to business operations.


 The client enjoys a fully integrated access and surveillance security system designed by experts in Lenel products that meets their security requirements and complies with their global standards in full. What is more, the use of the highly scalable Lenel platform means that the system can easily be extended to accommodate the manufacturing units planned for construction on the site in the future. ICD is proud to enable our client’s rapid global expansion by supporting the implementation of their security strategy and we look forward to continuing to offer our support as they implement new security initiatives in India and throughout East Asia.

Solution Overview:


Location: Vizag, India


Industry: Medical Products



  • Integrated access control and IP surveillance for mission-critical vial plant in Vizag, India.
  • Access control and CCTV systems provided by Lenel.
  • Site has planned annual capacity of 500 million vials.
  • System is linked to client’s global server located in US headquarters