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"ICD fulfilled all of our requirements and worked with us from start to finish to make sure that we had our system well designed, professionally installed and on time. We were especially impressed by the ICD staffs project management skills and the effort and precision their purchasing team put into the duty free import process - a time consuming and delicate process that saved us over 10% off the project total."


-- Microsoft

"Through each phase of installation, ICD worked with care and consideration. They responded quickly and effective to our needs and handled changing requirements with professionalism."

-- Agilent Technologies


"I am greatly impressed bytheir excellent service and professional standard at work. They did not only design for us a security system that meets Ebay's global standard but also provided professional and excellent customer service afterwards."


-- Ebay


"ICD, given a tight schedule and strict product requirements, came through with an excellent executed project via outstanding sales consultation, superior project management, clear and proactive communication, and constant coordination with all parties involved in the project. It has been a pleasure working with them on this project."


-- IBM