Convergint in Asia Pacific (APAC) provides mission-critical security, extra low voltage (ELV) and audio-visual (AV) services and solutions tailored to meet customer requirements.

ICD Security Solutions became part of the global systems integrator Convergint in 2013 when it was fully acquired by the company. Following almost a decade of close collaboration working as a global team, ICD officially renamed to Convergint in APAC in August 2022. This change further reinforces the company’s commitment to globalization and dedication to delivering world-class systems integration. 

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Asia Pacific subsidiary ICD Security Solutions is renaming to Convergint across the region, further reinforcing the company’s overall commitment to globalization and unity. ICD was acquired by Convergint in 2013, and has since operated as a global team, aligning closely with Convergint while retaining their original name.


ICD launches dedicated Asia Pacific Design Centre to deliver professional design services

ICD Security Solutions (Convergint in Asia Pacific) recently upgraded its APAC drawing centre to an APAC design centre in Bengaluru, India. The upgraded centre will provide comprehensive design services executed by a dedicated team of experts to meet the complex requirements of global customers with large-scale, cross regional sites.


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Asia Pacific Colleagues Give Back to Community on Convergint Social Responsibility Day

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Committed to making a daily difference.


This June, colleagues across APAC continued the Convergint tradition of giving back to our communities with the 21st annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day. On this day every year, Convergint colleagues across the globe go out to serve in their communities through various projects and activities during a full, paid workday.  


This year in Asia Pacific, over 500 colleagues took part in 18 activities across Greater China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Volunteer organisations included schools, orphanages, animal shelters, and environmental associations. In total, an estimated 3,750 service hours were donated in the region.  


Let's take a moment to look back at some highlights across APAC. 

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