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5 solutions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a threat to people in countries across the world. In some regions and industries, employees are already (or are still) working onsite but risk of infection still remains. Companies have a responsibility to take effective prevention and control measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the workplace, and facilitate contact tracing should an infection occur. 


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Thermal screening solutions to assist in CoViD-19 control


The outbreak of the novel coronavirus CoViD-19 has recently caused widespread concern across China and worldwide. Early symptoms of the virus include having a fever and a dry cough, so timely and accurate monitoring of people with a fever in public and shared spaces can play a significant role in containing the epidemic and ensuring effective infection control.  


So, which kind of fever detection is accurate, efficient and safe? And which solution is best for deploying in different scenarios? We spoke with several solution partners to find out more. 

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