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Access control options: a guide to electric lock solutions

Access control, one of the key components of a comprehensive security solution, comes in many different varieties. Essentially there are two components, the lock (i.e. the physical mechanism keeping the door locked) and the access control system (such as a card reader, biometric reader, keypad etc, which opens the lock).


In this post we will take a look at the lock component, specifically within electric locks. Electric locks are already widely adopted in the States and much of Europe, and their use is growing fast in Asia too as companies and individuals realize electric locks provide a safe and secure solution for access control.


Below are the three main types of electric locks on the market. Taking into account the safety, security, convenience and aesthetics of each type, we'll provide you with an overview of the options available.

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Big Data and Security: an overview


Following on from ICD Shanghai's recent afternoon seminar themed big data in security, this article will draw on the information shared by our partners Axis Communications and Milestone to give an overview of this current trend in security.


Looking specifically at big data in video surveillance, we aim to give you understanding of why large amounts of data can be advantageous to your security systems, as well as an overview of how to go about collecting and managing this data to enhance your video surveillance systems and your overall security solution.

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