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A Smart Solution to Monitor and Manage Security & IT Device Health & Functionality Status


Maintenance for a system with tens, hundreds or thousands of devices is difficult, time consuming and costly. In addition, keeping track of the performance of individual devices can be a laborsome or near impossible task, especially at large sites or across numerous sites in a region.


As a result, too often, when a problem occurs with a device or a system it’s already too late and large amounts of information have already been lost. So it’s clear that a more proactive approach to maintenance is needed, but what is the best way of going about this in a simple and effective manner?


We have a solution. At ICD, we have been working closely with a unique and innovative solutions partner which has developed software which can track the working status, or ‘health’ status, of a multitude of security & IT devices and systems on one easy-to-manage platform.


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Convergint Technologies announces acquisition of North American system integrator


After another year of double digit growth in 2015, Convergint Technologies makes a positive start to 2016 with the acquisition of a medium sized North American security systems integrator, Dakota Security Systems.


A company with 40 years experience providing security services with a particular focus on customer service, Dakota Security Systems has over 10 offices across the States' upper Midwest. The acquisition marks further expansion of Convergint's geographical reach in the region and and will provide access to new vertical markets.


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