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Are Thermal Cameras Missing from your Security Solution?

Although often overlooked when designing security solutions, thermal cameras can be an attractive alternative or compliment to video surveillance in the right conditions and with the right application.


With the ability to detect heat via infra-red radiation, thermal cameras can identify intrusions and various other incidents where traditional surveillance cameras often may not be able to. For example, where CCTV cameras are blind in complete darkness, thermal cameras still have visibility and are also an excellent alternative in other challenging lighting conditions such as bright sunlight with dark shadows and poor weather (like thick fog).


This ability of thermal cameras may be fairly well known, but for many years their use was more limited to military and government sectors due to high costs. However, in recent years, thermal cameras have seen an increase in demand and application, particularly in the commercial sector, and their price has decreased 12-15% over the last 5 years (it is even now possible to buy small thermal cameras to attach to your smart phone for personal thermal image capturing for around US$250). Experts predict that will continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 6.6% over the next 5 years, reaching an overall market value of US$9,999 million by 2020. 

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Security Operations Centers at a glance


Scroll down to view our latest infographic about Security Operations Centers, aimed to give you an idea of how SOCs work and how an SOC could bring significant benefit to your organization's security management and event response. 

Download the PDF version here:

ICD's SOC infographic.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [651.2 KB]

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