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ICD commended for outstanding onsite security support by leading Chinese internet and media company


ICD's Shenzhen onsite security team for a multimillion Chinese internet, media and entertainment company has been recognised for their outstanding cooperation and support having been awarded 'Best Partner' at the client's recent appreciation event.


In fact, this is not the first time that ICD has received such an award from this client, winning 'Best Vendor' from the client's Guangzhou branch in 2012, and 'Best Partner' last year for the onsite services we provided at the client's Beijing site in 2013. This year's award emphasises the support we have provided via our professional services at their Shenzhen headquarters throughout 2014.  


Our team of three onsite security administrators in Shenzhen help the client better manage, maintain and organize their existing security systems as well as helping establish procedures and standards to improve and upgrade their security systems into the future, not only in Shenzhen, but also across other sites in Mainland China.


As well as providing services at this campus headquarters, ICD has also provides one onsite administrator at the client's Beijing site and maintenance services for their offices in Guangzhou, Xi'an and Wuhan. 

To read a full case study about the onsite services we provide this client with, click here

The ICD South China team accepts the award in Shenzhen
The ICD South China team accepts the award in Shenzhen
The ICD Shenzhen site onsite team
The ICD Shenzhen site onsite team

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ICD Shanghai holds afternoon seminar and networking event


ICD Shanghai recently hosted an industry event 'Video Based Exceptions: Key to Preventative and Predictive Security Management', held in partnership with our solutions partner iSAP. The topic followed on from last year's event theme of big data, to discuss how to better utilize and organize your existing security data. 

This year, we not only heard about specific solutions for preventative and predictive security management from iSAP's CEO, Kelvin Wong, but also invited three security professionals from the leisure, technology and logistics industries to take to the stage, along with our Greater China General Manger, Tony Wang, and iSAP's Kelvin Wong, in the form of a panel discussion to share their own experiences and the challenges they face on the topic.


Combined with time for networking and viewing iSAP's live technical demo at the coffee break, the 50+ security professionals from a range of industries who attended had plenty of opportunities to learn, share and exchange ideas.  


For a better idea of the afternoon's agenda, take a look at the photos below. 


To keep informed about upcoming ICD events in your region, keep an eye out on our website or get in touch with us directly at Our next event will take place in Hong Kong at the end of August, for more information, click here.

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