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8 reasons why you should consider a security site audit

When it comes to security, it is generally much more expensive to react to a problem or crisis than it is to take precautions and reduce the risk in the first place. If you don't already have security system assessments or scheduled routine preventative maintenance checks in place, then it is essential to carry out preventative measures within your security system to detect and idendify faults and weaknesses. In the long run, this will save you large amounts of time and money, improve your security system's efficiency and offer a high RIO.


Not convinced? Here's a summary of eight key reasons we think you should seriously consider carrying out a site audit:


The key benefits of carrying out a site audit:


  • A site audit by security experts can identify what problems you face, why they are occurring and how to go about solving them
  • Issues and loopholes in your systems and security management can be identified early, enabling effective systems to be put in place quickly
  • Security experts can identify the root cause of the problems and find effective solutions to solve them, providing a cost effective way to manage your security systems and offering a high ROI

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Afternoon seminar in Shanghai providing a unique insight into ‘Big Data’ in security systems, Thursday 28 August

We are pleased to announce that ICD will be holding an afternoon seminar later this month, discussing ‘Big Data’ in security. This will be a chance to participate in taking a look at the increasing amount of data in security systems, and how to best obtain and manage such large quantities of data.


With partner and expert in security management systems Milestone present, alongside leaders in video surveillance solutions, Axis, this seminar will provide the latest essential information relevant to your security solutions. Moreover, there will be guest speakers in top security roles discussing related topics and drawing on their experience in the industry to share deeper insight on big data and other security issues.


The event will be held in the Langham Xintiandi, from 14:00-17:30 on Thursday 28 August, with presentations from ICD, Milestone and Axis, guest speakers, refreshments and networking.


As an invitation only event, please get in touch with us via if you are a security systems end-user who is interested in finding out more about ‘Big Data’ in security solutions while having the chance to meet like-minded security professionals from a range of industries.


We look forward to seeing you there!






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